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Policy Management best practice

  • I'm currently in the process of activating Policy Management. What is the best practice to set monitoring for an individual server? I have several servers in a organization/machine group. I created a baseline policy set for all the servers in that organization. For one server I want to monitor specific services. Lately I heard that it is not recommended to assign a policy to an individual server. Always assign it to the organization/machine group and use a specific view. But if I do it this way don't you get too many views?

    Hope someone can give me some advice.
    Thanks in advance.


    Rob van der Meijden

  • Our RMM Suite includes well over 300 views - roughly 180 of which are specifically crafted for policy control. This allows all policies to be linked to the Org Root and apply as appropriate under control of the views. These views are only shared with VSA admins and not techs, so the views list is not overwhelming. The result is a very high level of automation.

    Our methods allow overrides either by configuration definition or by linking an override policy to an org group. On VERY rare occasions, a policy is linked to a specific machine. One of the few policies we provide that works this way deploys an Internet Failover Detection monitor app to a specific machine and adds the required monitors.

    Applying policies manually to individual machines is a LOT of work to deploy and maintain and we avoid that as much as we possibly can, and even the Internet Failover Detection policy will be auto-applied by configuration controls in our next release.


  • Thanks Glenn for your post. I think I follow your suggestion to hide the views specific for Policy Management and only visible for admins. That way the views are indeed not overwhelming. I agree that Applying policies manually to individual machines is a LOT of work to deploy and maintain.