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Catalina compatibility

  • are we any closer to a 64-bit agent?

    The linked notice has not changed. It's coming up on 4 months now.

  • We are still on-track for Catalina compatibility for our February release.

  • Any update on when the February release will be released?

  • If I click the link posted by Eric, i wind up at an IT glue login page.

  • that's a new development. I'm getting the same IT Glue login now as well. I have no idea what it could be; don't think I even have one.

    When I posted on Jan 29, it was still the original notice about Catalina incompatibility.

  • There was a tentative patch description for .26 confirming the new 64 bit Kaseya agent for Mac, with limited functionality would be available.

  • I get the same IT Glue login page if I try to go directly to the link.  But if I follow these steps, then it works:

    1. Go to helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../en-gb

    2. Click the Sign In button and login to the Kaseya HelpDesk (or Register first, if you haven't done that yet)

    3. Then you should be able to open the link: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../360034578352-VSA-Support-for-macOS-Catalina

    However, they haven't put any new news on the page yet.

  • Hi Oscar,

    Is there any ETA for full capability of macOS Catalina support?

    We have many complaints from our customer for lack of support of Catalina since last year. Even though they able to install agent on Catalina, they cannot see application list on endpoints. This is a deal breaker since customer sounding possible need to look other solution than Kaseya.

    ETA please?


  • Any ETA for full compatibility macOS Catalina?

  • I'm in the same boat. Trying to hold users back from upgrading because then software management on those endpoints no longer work. It shows 275 vulnerabilities for patches years back, even for a brand new Mac had updated software installed. The ones that already had upgraded, I'm having to manually check for updates on each computer to keep them up-to-date. And not being able to alter the agent menu is another big negative optics-wise to the endpoint users.

  • Also in the same situation.  Most clients have already updated to Catalina, we're running alternate connectivitiy for support, but this does not resolve the issues. \

    Is there an ETA for full compatibility macOS Catalina?

  • We are on the same boat, clients are not happy that we cant truly support them if they are using Catalina. Does not make us look good.

  • Hi is there any update on when we will have full support for Catalina?

    Is there a roadmap from Kaseya for Mac OS support or is Mac OS support at end of life?  

  • you may want to checkout the Catalina update page found at helpdesk.kaseya.com (make sure you are signed in or you may see an IT Glue sign in page) direct link found here: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../360034578352-VSA-Support-for-macOS-Catalina

  • Honestly, it's not so much a Kaseya problem as it is a Catalina problem.

    Out of the 5 platforms my company has available for remote control, only JAMF works consistently on Catalina.

    Logmein works about as consistently as Kaseya remote control, Meraki remote control even less so; even if proper permissions are set on the client.

    Other than JAMF, which we are almost done phasing out, the only remote control that works consistently is the built-in Mac VNC - which of course requires to be on the same network, admin creds, etc.

    Meraki does ok with Mac client software and policy management on Catalina, but it's still not 100%. I don't know of anything other than JAMF that is 100% for Catalina; certainly not Kaseya or any of its peers. (desktop central, labtech/connectwise, etc)

    Initially, I was frustrated with Kaseya over their lack of Catalina support - but now seeing that nobody besides JAMF works consistently with Catalina I have more understanding for Kaseya.  

    The bottom line is Catalina is not at all RMM friendly, outside of JAMF.

    I would LOVE to be corrected if that is not an accurate statement. (no sarcasm)