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Liveconnect does not work since updating to

  • We have not been able to successfully live connect to any machine since .23. the live connect window comes up the widgets start to populate and then we immediately get an "Endpoint connection was lost" pop up.  We have a support ticket open but so far the only response for several days has been to uninstall and reinstall the live connect application. have done that several times with no luck. we have rebooted the endpoint, restarted the agent services and ran the "clean/Cycle Endpoint" script that was provided by Kaseya when we were having similiar issues with remoting in to workstations. We even restarted the VSA as well.. 

    Is anyone else having this issue have you been able to resolve it?


  • Hi Paul,

    What is the current ticket number you have with us? Thanks!

  • 439000

  • Did you update the KLC desktop app? I had to after updating to .23 this morning.

  • Make sure you update all of your agents to the latest version and install the update to KLC locally.  If you haven't KLC/KRC won't work.

  • yes... trying to liveconnect the first time after updating to .23 gave no choice but to update the liveconnect app.. and as i stated we have uninstalled and reinstalled the lve connect app several times.

  • We still use the VNC/K-VNC option (the chat actually works, you can control the resolution and colors (which makes it superfast compared to KRC) and it is not a resource hog (every time I open KRC the fan of my laptop start making Airplane Engine type of noise).

    Connection time is like 3, 4 minutes if you are lucky which is really bad but once you are connected it is a better solution than KRC.

    And of course Teamviewer which is the best way (in combination Kaseya for Inventory / Procedures).

    I wish the 2 were integrated...

    But if KRC works for you (your machine is super powerful, you have lots of bandwidth and you don't mind using notepad to chat with the user) and you have done all the tests others have suggested, check your Firewall hasn't changed and check that all services on both end are working (both Kaseya Agent and Kaseya Agent Endpoint). I know it is obvious but sometimes those we gave those for granted and in the end it was that.


  • We use the old Live Connect in Kaseya and if anyone likes the new Live Connect they just open the new KLC  application and work from there. That gives us the best of both worlds.

  • I've just discovered a really interesting quirk with the new LiveConnect.

    We have a test server which I have upgraded to .23 prior to updating production.  I removed my exiting LiveConnect and installed the new LiveConnect from the .23 server.  I can connect fine to remote sessions from that server however if I attempt to connect to one of the machines on our production VSA (.20) There is absiolutely no keyboard or mouse functionality.  I've tested this on servers & workstations and it seems like the new LiveConnect is completely incompatible with the older agents.

  • yea the the patch notes for .23 very clearly state it will not connect to anything other than the .13 agent

  • Well that's a show-stopper for us.  There's no way in the world that we're going to get 20K+ agents all updated so that the new Live Connect works and our engineers can do their jobs.  1000% poor planning on the part of Kaseya this time.

  • Same problem here. I can remote control to a workstation, and use the mouse, but if I touch keyboard, then mouse remote control stops altogether.

  • - Interesting typo on your previous post, '... removing my exiting LiveConnect...' - can't argue with you there ;-)... But, as to this being a showstopper, I don't agree. We had the same challenge, with less agents that's true, about 7300.

    You have tested this and seen it doesn't break things, if I understand you correctly. It means you can upgrade your live environment and rely on auto updates of agents to do most of the work. And if a tech needs to connect to a machine with an old agent he can update the agent by hand, taking 1 or at most 2 minutes (in our experience). The experience has been seamless for us, as the numbers indicated in the auto update option of agents, are at the low end of what actually is achieved. So, you should be fine....

    And to be fair to Kaseya, sometimes you need to implement these kinds of leaps and bounds. I had a recent conversation with them and it was clear to me they are trying very hard to deliver some long awaited fixes. If that sometimes takes a shortcut like this, looking at the long list of fixes in .23 - I'm happy to see this kind of progress being made....

  • Would be nice to be able to upgrade the agents, prior to upgrading the server, but I don't know if that even is possible.

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  • again.. krc works fine better than it has.. live connect does not.. we use liveconnect for a variety of things.. sometiems things can be fixed by just getting to a command line without having to bother the user.. we can;t do that at this time..