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Linux Agent Install

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I got asked by our Director about the Linux agent install.  We've got a few Ubuntu 16 & 18 LTS servers running but only using SSH.  The current install instructions require the GUI. http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/en/vsa/6010000/index.htm?toc.htm?6908.htm

Is there a way to do it via SSH only or is the only option the GUI?  Worst case we spin up another Ubuntu instance with the GUI and create the install.

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  • You don't need the GUI.  I have the agent running on 5 Linux servers (1 Ubuntu, 4 CentOS) that do not have a GUI installed. Just download the Linux installer to your Windows or Mac machine and upload the installer using sftp (you have SSH, so you should be able to use something like WinSCP on Windows to establish an sftp session).  So basically you can accomplish steps 1,2, and 3, on  Windows computer (or Mac), and after uploading the installer using sftp, continue with step 4 on the Linux server.

  • Hi ,

    The help and @steve.rose are on the right path.

    I'll add that you could improve the process creating a package under "Agent > Packages > Manage Packages" specific for Linux.

    Once you have created it, you can use the associated URL on you Linux to directly download the agent installer with 'wget' and then install. Like:

    # cd ~

    # wget -O KcsSetup.sh http://{YourVSA}/mkDefault.asp?id=99183232

    # chmod +x KcsSetup.sh

    # ./KcsSetup.sh -V -D -X -e -c -g={group}.{org}

    The additional parameters would be of help in  case something doesn't work.

    Be advice that even when this will install the agent, I've been struggling with Linux Agents since the VSA's upgrade to V7 for loss of functionality.

    It is almost useless this days, no remote access, worthless HW audit, and since P22 on R9.5 most of my 60 Linux agents, drop connection to VSA several times a day (coming offline and back online) for no reason.

    I have a ticket open for this with Support but no fix yet.

  • I'm 99.99% sure that you can also use curl on Linux to download the agent installation package (windows, linux, or MacOS) specific to the organization & group from the deployment link shown for each group, within any organization, in the system module.  

    In most cases it's https://<your vsa FQDN>:443/deploy/#/<org>.<group>

  • Nice, I didn't even think about curl.  That should work.  If unsure about the download link, just go to Agent --> Packages --> Manage Packages and click on the name of your desired Linux agent and the pop-up will have the link you need to supply to curl.

  • Thanks for providing the steps!  We're mostly looking into monitoring for some Ubuntu servers we have so we probably won't be using Kaseya day to day on it.

  • what are you planning to use for monitoring? KNM?

    If you mange to do so successful, I would be very grateful if you share with us.

    I have at least 15 Linux servers (CentOS, Ubuntu and Suse) hosted on clouds, and still don't have any effective method to monitor them.