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Main Login Page not loading properly Kaseya 6.2.0

  • Hi,

    My first post here not sure if I am on the right section. Anyway any ideas what I can do to this http://dms.dycom.com.au/ ? It's our old on-prem vsa. The physical server it was on crashed and we restored it to another physical server from backups but that's what we are facing now, not sure how to go about fixing it. I have tried rebuilding the database schema and update the 2008 windows server to no avail. We also have a 9.5 VSA on cloud but we still need this old dog for a few of our clients. Thanks in advance for your output and assistance.

  • Welcome to the community.

    I would recommend creating a support ticket and describing the situation here.  Although version 6.2x is out of support perhaps they can guide you on the right direction.

    Seems like a potential IIS issue just from looking at it.

  • thanks for your response Oscar I did open a ticket but support won't help until we renew the support contract which we really not looking to do as the 9.5 vsa is now serving as the main one. thanks for the IIS hint.

  • Have you reviewed the event logs regarding IIS referencing K Server?

    I would be curious to learn more.

  • Update:

    Support Management helped with this issue and have corrected it for your server.  I was able to load it correctly.

    Can you confirm?

  • Hi Oscar,

    Yes, I can confirm that it's loading correctly now and it's asking for a valid license code. I will ask the management to deal with the license code. I'm curious as to what was the issue, can you share, please? thank you very much.

  • Hello,

    This simply need a forced check-in into the licensing server. We appended a /inc/getcheck.asp to the end of your server URL and waited a few seconds for the check to complete and this seems to have resolved the issue.
  • Hi Val,

    that's awesome, thank you guys for looking into this.