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WOL does not work from the Quick View Menu

  • I tred to use the WAKE feature from the Quick View window but it not work.

    However if I use Desktop > Management > Wake on LAN it does.

    Has anyone come accross this?

  • Have you tried pinning the Quick View first and then using "Wake Machine"?

  • Hi Edwin,

    Just tried that but it still does not work.

    Don't quite understand why it only works via Desktop Management.

  • I've had the same issue too. If you look at the agent you ran the WOL on it looks like there 2 diffrent WOL procedure names being used for each one. I've even experienced issues using the Desktop > Management > Wake on LAN. I seem to have the best success with using vPro Power up.

  • Never thought about vPro.

    Did you just run wizard to detect and configure?

    Are there any other advantages with this option aside from WOL?

  • Since it works with greater success for me that's the reason I use it, but the bad thing is older laptops and desktops might not have the feature. Just detect and enable if it is available on the agent.

    The other feature with vPro is you can also  under vPro Remote control you can boot into the Bios using VNC.

    This is off of Intel's website.

    Intel AMT remote power management works much more reliably than traditional wake-on-LAN alternatives

  • We've had that issue for quite a long time.  I now just run my own Wake procedure using RW.exe when I need to bring up a machine

  • Hi Karode,

    Where do I obtain the RW.exe file so I can look to create a Wake Procedure?

  • Apparently things do disappear from the internet ....  here's an alternative that also can be run from the command line   nirsoft.net/.../wake_on_lan.html

  • How are you passing the MAC address to the procedure?  

    Manual copy/paste or is there a way to grab it automatically from the LC agent your'e running it against?

  • I don't need to use it that often so I have not automated it....I just grab the mac address from the audit manually and use a template procedure to create one for the PC I need to wake up.  Pretty quickly I covered the "problem children" who shut their PCs down frequently.   If you do create one to automatically grab the mac address, I would love to see it....That should be pretty straightforward.

    I'll probably look at that once I am done with all our monthly reporting in a couple of days.