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Has anyone got VIdeo Chat working?

  • I tried to use VIdeo Chat and as I understand it, this will only work with Internet Explorer.

    Cannot get it to work so I am not aware if the issue is a Firewall thing.

    Any comments would be welcome.

  • I'm pretty sure that was an abandon project that never fully worked.  I've never heard of anyone really utilizing it and was part of the "old" live connect, which was never ported to the "new" live connect.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Just learning my way around Kaseya and I getting the feeling there are bits of legacy lying around like Patch Management and some other stuff that rely on Active X or Internet Explorer only to work.

    Do you know if there is an official KB article that details what is current and legacy by any chance?

  • Hello Chris Y,

    My 2 cents on this.


    Ticketing and Service Desk (replaced by a separate product Kaseya BMS).

    Both ticketing and Service desk receive very little love after work on BMS started.

    Ticketing is very basic (no workflow / little logic can be built),

    Service desk much more flexible but the interface is "old" and kind of slow.

    Odd fact: Kaseya does not use any of their own systems to manage support for their own users (they use Zendesk).

    Remote Control and Live Connect (replaced by KRC, KLC)

    Note that despite although it is Legacy and receives no updates, the old KVNC is still the fastest Remote Control to operate and the most stable (at least for us). Connection time is horrendous though (minutes) and access is relying on an executable to be downloaded EVERY time you want to remote access a machine (many clicks to do due to executable warning from browsers)

    We personally don't use Kaseya to Remote Access machines (for Productivity) but you should try and see if your experience is better (some sites work fine especially if you have lots of bandwidth).

    Monitor and KNM (replaced by a separate product called Traverse)

    Both monitor and KNM receive no love from Kaseya since quite some time. If you don't have Traverse (I don't know the product you may want to test it), you are probably better off either with Monitor (it is kind of stable) or something else entirely.

    There could be more stuff but at least it is a start :-)