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  • Hi All,

    Hope my post does not get stuck in moderator jail, I just got an interesting one and thought I would check with you guys that are on Agent Version

    To create a view filter for this agent version you need to replace all the dots with zeros like so 90500010 however this does not work, however if I filter for one version back 9050009 the filter works as expected.

    Also when I enumerate the Agent Version Database view #vAgentConfiguration.agentVersion# I get the value of 9050010 which translates to 9.5.010 and also does not work in the view filter.

    I believe this is a bug that requires a support ticket, let me know if got it wrong.



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  • The view filter works for me if I use 9050010 (or even more easily 905001). I can find any agent older than the current agent by using 0905000.

  • Hi HK, welcome back?

    9050010 is working fine for me in a view I just created. I think you've maybe misinterpreted the admittedly odd numbering scheme: 9050010 'translates' to - they drop the leading zeros to get

  • Hi Combo,

    Thanks I have been back for some time just very busy :)

    Have they changed the way the agent version translate since this KB article then?


    What is really funny after futzing around with it I now have two identical filters with the same value

    < 9050010

    The new one I made now suddenly works and original one does not. ;D

    I call shenanigans!

  • yes and I checked the spaces :)

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  • I've not seen that KB article but I had similar issues trying to filter on version numbers a while back and realised the numbering isn't as logical as it might appear.

  • here is what I am using for a filter that works (with the exception of the lead build number '9') all following markers require the 2 spaces thus = 9050010

  • There's a small technical inaccuracy in that article.

    Technically, the dots aren't represented by zeros, but every dotted value (after the major number) is formatted as a two-digit zero-padded number. In John's example the => 8000003 is correct - each value becomes two digits padded with leading zeros, but the => 60300019 is not right - it introduces an extra zero, making the last value translate to a 3-digit value.

    Given the issue disappeared when creating a new view and two identical views with the same values gave different results, I'd agree with the "shenanigans" diagnosis. :)


  • I agree the replacing the zero with dots makes less sense then double digit explanation, hopefully @KaseyaSupport will nix that KB Article or update it with something that makes more sense.

    As for the Agent Version gremlins in the Views, I have fixed this by deleting and re-importing the view.

    Thanks for the clarification guys!

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  • If I doubt how the formatting is, I just hover over an agent check-in icon.

    In the pop-screen look for agent version and you can see exactly how it's formatted.