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Credentials failed on Windows 7 Embedded computers with Agent version

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After changing the policy for Agent Credential, I changed the domain instead of "Use machine's current domain". After "saved and Apply" the credential of most Win 7 Embedded agents give the status "FAILED" Full Win 7 have no problems only Embedded Agents. Some have a black key (Success) but when I test it I get Failed back.

We are using Saas with Agent version a test with a previous version (Agent version had no problems, then upgrade via VSA tested the credentials again and now they are on status FAILED again.

The log file from one agent with failed credentials. It looks like Kaseya doesn't support Win7 Embedded.

There were problems with the January patch release of Kaseya and that we are waiting for patch release but I don't know if the patch is the source of my problem

Now I am having trouble using some Agent Procedures, so I can't manage my clients.

I don't know where it goes wrong, but what can I do???????

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  • - The release notes for patch .19 suggest several agent issues have been resolved. We missed the update to .18 on our on-premise VSA and I can only be glad we did.

    SaaS got the update this weekend, so after the agents update to the new version, I can only hope that fixes the issue. It would be good to hear if .19 does fix this....