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Software Audit

  • How can I see when the last time a user used a specific piece of software?  I want to see if users are using Adobe Photoshop so if they are not I can reassign the license.

  • You could enable the local Audit Policy and enable Process Tracking - Success. This will log EVERYTHING that loads and runs, so may be well more than you need, and will also need adjustments to the event log sizes or settings to control clearing/overwriting. Since this gets logged to the security log, the potential for losing important information is high.

    A trick I used years ago when I needed to track application licensing was to create a batch file to write a log event and then launch the application. You can write something to the Application event log pretty easily with built-in commands, and it has the advantage of automatically timestamping the event, AND being able to easily generate an alert that you can monitor.