My boss wants to get some pretty granular amounts of data via Kaseya and I'm trying to think of an easy way to do it.  Basically he wants a partition free space report but only for our sales reps.  Great, I have a partition free space report already made but it's reporting on our whole org.  In Kaseya I have Machine Groups set for each of our locations, our servers and a sub group of test machines out of our main office so I have about 30 Machine Groups created.  So I'm trying to see if there's an easier way to separate out those sales rep machines other than creating a bunch of new sub-groups to file each sales rep laptop into. 

For example I've got an Atlanta office, so I have a Machine group named Atlanta.  If I want to keep the Atlanta users grouped together I can keep the Atlanta group but make a sub-group atlanta.sales.  Which is fine except I'd have to do that for another 18 groups AND hammer it into my co-workers that they need to keep the groups organized so we can keep things sane around here.

Anyone have any ideas or am I stuck doing a bunch of sub-groups?