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Script to gather the screen resolution set on a laptop or desktop.

  • Hi has anyone got a script to gather the screen resolution, i have had a look round and cant find one, i am guessing its getting a reg setting or something similar?

  • Our Daily Audit tool captures this info, and about 150 other data points on every agent each day. The video adapter information is part of what we push back into custom fields. Totally configurable by the MSP, as to what's collected and what's reported.


  • Hi Glenn,

    I would be interested in that tool, assuming you are willing to share it. :)

  • On my system under the System->Core->1 Windows Procedures->Desktops->Auditing folder there is a procedure called Audit User Video Resolution that has the following description:

    Uses a VBS to audit the current users video diaplay resolution setting.  Writes the result to the Agent Procedure Log as well as to a Custom System Information Field called User Video Resolution.

  • I would be interested in this one if you are will to share as well thank you

  • Much appreciated will look for and use this, but would like mspbuilders one if they are will because of the detail thank you

  • Garry,

    Ours is not a procedure or script - it's an application that we wrote and is part of our commercial offering for VSA.

    If you're interested in learning about the RMM Suite for VSA, we hold a public demo session on the second Wednesday each month. You can get information on this and other seminars on our website's Seminars page. We'll be adding more seminars, which are excerpts from our MSP Training curriculum.


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  • GetVideoCardInfo.zip

    Sharing is caring Big Smile Please see attached a variation of a script by UpStream. It is still in BETA.. Please review files, readme and update as needed.