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Deleted Agent Procedure still scheduled

  • Anyone run into an issue where an Agent Procedure still shows as being scheduled under Agent Procedure>Agent Procedure Status even though the Agent Procedure was deleted?

    I tried creating a new Agent Procedure with the same name and deleting it again, but it still shows as scheduled.

    When I check System>Server Management>Import Center and try to export the Agent Procedure it doesn't show on the list.

    Is there a way to delete this phantom Agent Procedure? I'm guessing is stuck in limbo somewhere in the DB.

  • Was the procedure part of Policy? If so it won't delete from your policy you will need to remove it.   If it still shows you might be able to use live connect to remove the schedule procedure.

  • Hi - I happen to know there are several tables in the database dealing with agent procedures and scheduling. And I've seen the issue before, but haven't deleted any agent procedures recently.

    I do know about another related issue. When you delete a user the Agent Procedures it scheduled are left behind You still see them scheduled on agents, but since the user is gone, it doesn't have the right to execute anymore. The best thing to do is create a ticket, since there are queries to help you find orphaned agent procedures and clean them. And creating tickets for it raises the importance for Kaseya. If more tickets are created it's more likely Kaseya will patch the issue....

  • The procedure wasn't part of a policy. I double checked to make sure and didn't find anything in there.

    As far as the Agent Procedure, it's actually still running on schedule and producing data. So I'm pretty sure it exist somewhere. I'm gonna have to open a ticket to have them try and find the issue.