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Linux Agent not getting System Info

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I have some 40 linux agents.

All of them had their HW info: Manufacturer, ProductName, SystemSerialNumbre, etc.

I noticed that when installing new ones, those agents are unable to get System Info.
Browsing agent procedure log, Audit's "System Info" always fails on step 23.

Tested on different VSAs (2 R94 and 1 R95) always with the same results.

Anyone experiencing something like this?

Does Kaseya dropped all support for Linux Agents leaving them useless?

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  • Same thing here.  Same step, step 23.

    Ubuntu 16.4, CentOS 6.10, CentOS 6.9 and CentOS 7.0

    added versions.
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  • Hi there on fully patch SuSE Leap 42.3 runs the latest audit without error.