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Current Agent Version?

  • Does anyone know the most current agent version?

    We are about to cutover clients to our fresh K2 server and while testing an internal server I noticed it updated to version

    Just want to make sure we have the latest before moving foward, thank you.

  • Hi, is the current general release agent version at this time


  • updated to for live and for sp1 beta testing. has better stablity and will get rid of a lot of false positives for off-line machines. I recommend you ask Ksupport for it.

  • SP1 for K2 updates the Agent to

  • Thanks guys.  SP1 has been officially released now?  Where can I download this?

  • Here's the release information you were looking for:


  • I'm really surpised we don't get information like this from our account reps. I had no idea SP1 was out until I received the webinar invite regarding the Kaseya Roadmap, and there was a blurb at the bottom of that e-mail about it.

  • I was under the impression that this is an update, not the SP.  And that the SP will be out later in the year.

  • The latest release is which was formally known as SP1.  @kcears - the reason you didn't hear about this from your account rep is because it wasn't generally announced.  Unless you needed the Linux agent, or had specific support issues there's no immediate need to upgrade.  The next launch, let's just call it SP2 for now, is schedule for Q4.  This will be a much larger functional release and I guarantee you will be notified about it.