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I'm running into an odd install issue with one server I'm trying to install the Kaseya agent onto.  Windows Server 2012R2 and when I try to install Kaseya onto this machine I'm getting an error.  Setup has failed. [Code 1021]

What's odd is I have other 2012R2 servers with the agent on them.  I've tried deploying from the Discovered Devices after a Network scan, I've tried copying the installer from another computer to the C:\Temp folder and running it from there and downloading the agent with the URL from the Orgs/Groups/Depts/Staff section of Kaseya.  Each time no go.  I've even logged in as the local admin with no luck.

Has anyone run into this issue before and found a solution?

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  • Hi

    Please create a support ticket on our helpdesk site. so our team can take a further look at this case. Once you create it, provide them this ticket number: #224779 as this seems related to what you are seeing. I would suggest providing them the logs available for this agent on your initial update to expedite the troubleshooting process and correctly identify the next steps.

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