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Every time I switch Views (in Chrome) I must clear browser cache

  • This has been going on for years across multiple machines with various browsers and versions of Windows: if I change from View to View, eventually - after about six views at the most, usually less - I need to clear cache for additional Views to show me anything but a list of every machine (in other words, the View stops working and simply every machine is shown under Agents).

    Here's a really stark example of this (though the actual View makes no difference at all):

    Has anyone else seen this behavior?

  • Oh yes.  Been reported for a long time - Kaseya have not been able to fix.  Drives us NUTS



  • Happens to me all the time, usually I hit the browser refresh button and the view eventually updates.

  • I have less problems than most it seems, but I use IE 11 for Kaseya  (as I don't use IE for anything else).

  • Yes, happens here too.  Any time I switch views, or use the Kaseya refresh button, it only works a few times, then stops and I have refresh the entire page.

  • Press F5 in the browser, that is enough to refresh and update..no need to clear the cache.

    Yes, it's a well known bug we've complained about for years.....and for years, Kaseya have either ignored us, or been unable to fix it.

  • Yep, we've actually got a live ticket about this and are trying to get some attention to this.

    It's really weird how Kaseya is ignoring the view issues. On a recent ticket where I had a view issue, I was told this was a Chrome issue and I shouldn't expect any help from Kaseya. When I disagreed rather vehemently the ticket has gone up the chain to the next level.

    We've got something else that's really bugging us. Since going from 9.4 to 9.5 the Master admins see all the views created by all the users, getting us a list of 600 views. The problem being that although you are Master the views of other users won't work. You can Edit them and see the correct filtering, but it will still show all the machines all of the time. The fun part starts when you do a Save As action on such a view. That gets you a working view that does show all the right machines you want to see. But, it somehow is connected to the original view you did a Save As action for. When I deleted the Saved As view as I no longer needed it, the original view I used became impossible to Edit. When I tried that it gave me a new and empty view. The first time even showing the settings for the Copy of the original I view I already deleted. Only by changing the view and refreshing the browser could I get access to the original view.

    We've been asking how to get rid of all the views the Master admins are seeing, but in a month or so, there hasn't been any updates we can use.... But, staying with it now until we get an answer....

  • We have the same issues here as well.

  • Same issues for us as well.  Both machine group and views refresh as well as seeing all the views.

  • I have the same issue.  

    It sounds like I should try IE 11as is indicating a little better performance.  Can anybody attest to the functionality of FireFox, Edge, or Safari?

  • Same issue within Chrome.  I haven't experienced it in Edge.