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Cannot remove Views

  • In the SaaS console's Agents - Agents - Manage Agents, the different Views seem to be attached to whomever created the View. This has turned into a mess for us because we have multiple people, some no longer here and at least two from Kaseya Support, making Views we cannot delete.

    Is there a way to assign a One Ring to Rule Them All functionality en masse so I don't need to log in to each user's account in Kaseya, delete the View, log out, etc.? I assume there is, but I don't know what that would be.


  • The views are meant to be user based with the option of sharing all.  I understand how this can get cumbersome with multiple users.

    If you need some clearing up on the backend for the views, I suggest creating a ticket with the name of the views so we can cleanup.

    I would recommend also confirming no policies are currently using these views as well.

    I have made that mistake once or twice. =)

  • How do we rid ourselves of a View created by a now-deleted user (which is a situation we are in)?

  • Why cannot the master admin account take ownership any View? This seems like a reasonable way to combat dozens of Views from multiple users becoming uselessly unwieldy.

  • PLEASE!! Go and up-vote the Feature Request for enhanced view management! It's a sorely needed feature. Views are powerful but their management is still in the dark ages. :)