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  • I have requested and received no go answer from support on this.

    Bottom line KAV will not install if it see a hint of another AV product. i have used many other products and all have the option to install anyway. Kaseya support was unable to provide me with a solution to this.

    the problem is this if it does not install anyway and in most cases it requires hours of work yo find out why it will not install and remove the offending file or folder during which time the computer is not protected.

    this is not acceptable and cost me many hours of unnecessary work i have over 200 devices left that require individual attention each over 2 hours ot my time to find out the reason for KAV not installing. How does this save me time and money.

  • Although you might consider this unacceptable, this is not Kaseya KAV behaivor...this is KAV behaivor. It will fail to install if it detects other A/V it cannot uninstall. We have a KAV enterprise environment (not delivered with VSA) and this is normal...We build scripts in VSA to detect A/V installs and remove them either using WMI or MSI uninstall string..

    It definitely can save you money if you utilize the capabilities of the VSA

    Best approach here would be build an agent procedure that  1. Looks for the AV thats currently installed (Im assuming its one or two solutions if its a business environment unless it was a mess).



    Test file  - C:\program files\AVG\AVG.exe

    Executeshell command  - MSIEXEC "avg removal command"

    write procedure log - AVG Removed, Insatll Kaspersky

    Executshell shell command - MSIEXEC /i "COmmand to install KAV package"


    write procedure log - AVG not installed, Installing Kaspersky Anti-virus

    executeshell command - MSIEXEC /i "Command to install KAV Package"

    I mean this is just a simple example, but you can definitely get the idea. The thing to keep in mind is that Kaspersky won't even install if it detects a reboot is needed from the previous A/V uninstall as well, KAV is really sensitive to this, it's not unique to the Kaspersky solution built into VSA.

    Hope this helps, thanks.

  • Andrew,

    My team helped developed a script (it was a living script) that removed over 80+ suites for anti-virus in order to get Kaspersky installed; I utilized sep prep as a big medium to deploy.

  • that is cool and we do have a lot of removal tools but some can only be installed by booting to safe mode running the removal tool and entering a captua code. this cannot be scripted. Webroot is one of these.

    It would be nice to just have the KAV install and the system be protected while we work through the computers and clean them up.

    Could you share your script here ? it would be greatly appreciated.