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Best method for scheduled nightly reboots

  • What's the best way to schedule reboots for endpoints? I have a series of servers that I'd like to have reboot nightly. 

  • It really comes down to what are your requirements ?

    If you are an internal IT team and you all know its gonna be happening and there aren't any special pre or post reboot procedures, it really can be as simple as a reboot script that built into VSA ran against the endpoint. Just build an agent procedure use the built in reboot command, to document it maybe wriite the procedure log " Server reboot script initiated". If you do something like this and keep your procedure logs for a good bit of time you can also report on it.

    If you are rebooting for your clients then I would say you probably want a little more context, control, more thought out process. If the server an exchange server, do you need to be mindful if there is an application server and make sure certain services are started, stopped in an certain order ?

    It really comes down to your requirements and context of what tasks the server perform, it can be darn simple if you want it to be.

  • Here's how I'd automate it:

    1. Create a custom field "Reboot Schedule"
    2. Configure your servers with a reboot code - Daily, Weekly-D-HH, or Monthly-WD-HH
      D=Day (0-6); W=Week (1-4,A for All), HH=Hour
    3. Create views that map to each reboot code. Before proceeding, test the views and make sure the correct servers are selected.
    4. Create a System Policy that reboots at the specified week, day, time, etc, based on the views, filter the policy by the corresponding view.
    5. Link the reboot views to the Org Root.

    Any system with a code in the custom field will trigger the view, which will cause the policy to apply, which will run the reboot procedure at the defined time.

    Don't think "how do I reboot servers nightly" but "how do I reboot servers on a defined schedule", because next week, you'll need to reboot servers weekly, or on the third Thursday every month. :)  This also reduces VSA administration - no more manual scheduling of individual agents, creating procedures, etc.. do it once, define the custom field as servers are onboarded, done! (Any system without a defined Reboot Schedule won't auto-reboot.


  • Quite a few methods to do this.

    If you can provide some insight, I would share with the community on here.

  • I agree with Oscar. There are several methods to accomplish this request. It really all depends on your environment. For example, on our end, any given system could have 15+ different polices and each controlling different parts and is adaptive per the needs of our clients. One of those policies control reboots.