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Procedure to call upon another computer.

  • Is it possible for me to run a procedure on machine and within that same procedure, run it on on another machine? Or ran another procedure from a procedure to another computer?

    For example. An application requires services to start and stop in a particular order and the ONLY way to do that is to stop xyz service (can be an application too) on computer1. then on computer2 stop service xyz. From there, get back on computer1 and restart xyz service then go back on comptuer2 and start xyz service. It needs to be done in this order or the application won't work.

  • Yes, using the scheduleProcedure() step. Check out help.kaseya.com/.../9050000

  • The scheduleprodcedure() option allows you to schedule it on a machine. You can add this to your procedure and set a delay in minutes to run the procedure.  

    So you would hae something like this:

    Procedure 1

    Stop Service on Computer 1

    Scheule Procedure 2 on Computer 2 in 1 minute

    Procedure 2

    Stop Service on Computer 2

    Scheudle Procedure 3 on Computer 1 in 1 minute.

    Procedure 3

    Start Service on Computer 1

    Scheudle Procedure 4 on Computer 2 in 1 minute

    Procedure 4

    Start Service on Computer 2

  • Corey and Combo,

    This is perfect, thank you.

  • The built-on SC command in windows can remotely control services on other machines. /since adding a "delay" can bit hit and miss (service might not stop immediately, or not stop at all), just execute SC \\computername STOP servicename in your script, instead. Obviously you need appropriate security rights to do this and probably some firewall stuff also to allow remote commands.

    It's another option, anyhow, if the 'linked scripts' approach isn't working for you.