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Lancache and Software Management

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Is it true that Software Management does not use LanCaches?

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  • I believe this is correct.

    Apparently any module built around the new endpoint fabric does not use lancache. (this includes new KAV/KAM, software management, liveconnect, cloud backup to name a few). the new endpoint fabric apparently has local peer-to-peer caching or something like that. It's not well documented however there are passing references to it 'here and there' if you read the forums and so on, have watched webinars etc it's mentioned

    I get the vibe that lancache will eventually be retired in favor of the new model.

  • PS old KAV [Anti-virus (classic)] used lancache, new KAV does not.

  • Starting from the beginning of this year the Endpoint Fabric took a big step forward in reliability. Up until that time, certainly in 9.4 we were continually resetting Endpoint Fabric and that issue is almost entirely gone.

  • Are you sure Craig?

    I’m using New KAV on R94, and w/o LanCache every KAV updates from Kaspersky Servers.

    With LanCache, you can make it source via SMB for the update, which is a huge difference if you have 10's or 100's of endpoints in the site.

    Sadly that setting applies after 1st install and update, downloading unnecessary from internet instead from local cache near 200MB for each one.

    Don’t know if still true on R95.

  • On R94 New KAV still does use it. Otherwise DB updates are downloaded from Kaspersky instead of SMB share on LanCache. Which is a huge difference if you got 10's or 100's of endpoints on the same site.