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How to Search Multiple Agent/ Machine ID's (With Different Name) at a time

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Hi Friends,

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 Can you please give me the straight answer for my question... i will explain my question with example;

ex: I am having multiple agent/machine id's with different names (Machine names like: 14285,15869,19658) i want to see all these three machines at a time using search, i tried 14285&15869&19658 but it is not working.

Please help me on this.

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  • Use a View and define a Machine Filter - show only Selected Machines.


  • I'd agree with Glenn as this is the easiest and fastest way to do this. However I'm wondering if there's a reason your after those specific machines such as something they have in common uniquely that you could target with a View instead.

    For instance: I created a view that shows me machines with Windows 10 Pro builds 14393, 10240, and 10586. This list may change based on new clients coming into our system so it's much more useful than just creating a view that only sees those specific machines I manually identified one time.

    If these machines are at a specific site and your targeting them that way you could move them to a sub-machine group, or perhaps target network information such as the "Connection Gateway" in the advanced filtering options.

    I think from what you were describing that you were after a way to do this in the "Machine ID" field of the top filter options (such as you see in Manage Agents, or when scheduling an agent procedure). I don't believe this is possible directly without creating a custom view from that field.

  • OR Create a custom Field via the Audit/Machine Summary menu.

    Then place the same value in the field for each of the machines

    Next create a view that displays only machines with that specific value in the Customfield