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VSA 9.5 Upgrade Issues

  • Has anybody noticed after the VSA upgrade to 9.5, the management console interface "locking up?"  Locking up meaning, when you try to set a filter, set a group, machine ID, do a search, etc. and you click to apply, nothing happens as if you didn't even apply a filter or apply a search, etc..  The refresh button in the interface does nothing.  So every time this happens, I have to refresh the actual browser "refresh" to reload the entire page.  I use Chrome as my browser, so I tried IE and Firefox and they both have the same issues.  I wouldn't make a big deal about this but this happens about 50 times a day.  Also, if you don't notice that the interface is stuck, you end up with unreliable and wrong results.  This dramatically hurts the "reliability" of Kaseya.   

  • I've run into this.  In my case, I click a tab and I just get a white page in the middle with no content.  It seems to happen no matter what I click on until I refresh.  I get the scenario you mentioned too, where content is populated, but filtering or some other change has no effect.  

    Probably something you should send through to support.  We only upgraded to 9.5 a week ago, but I would say I probably only have to refresh once or twice a day.  It hadn't been often enough to really escalate it yet but it sounds like it's happening rather often for you.

  • It's run well for me, no lockups as you describe, though I do have issues sometimes if refresh a view it only shows the first page, so i have to go to a different section and come back, but not on the order of 50 times a day.   The basic management console works well.

    Some questions, are you using hosted solution, or your own server and is it on publicly accessible ip or a private ip range?   On the same lan as your client, or through a VPN?    Is the server a standalone box, or it's it virtualized?   Does the server have enough resources?  (as SQL can eat up a lot)  how many processing cores, how much ram, how much disk space?

    Personally my setup is internal private ip address, virtualized server, client on same lan and I use IE 11.

    We have about 179 workstations and 12 servers managed thru the VSA.]

  • i get this all the time... i just hope they move away from flash to something that is better supported.

  • I have similar issues (though only a few times a day no where near 50), but *mostly* only on the Agents tab, but I'm actually still running 9.4  These issues started cropping up in 9.4.

  • I have noticed this on our On Premise v9.5.0.8 - I usually see it in Agents when I change Views (ex. From PCs to Servers). The View doesn't take, and I have to refresh my browser, or select Manage Agents for the View to work. This has been happening for a while now.

  • We have this also - it's so annoying.  You cannot trust that the agents displayed are correct.

    We are still on 9.4 (on prem) - have had the issue for many months.  It's been talked about as an issue on the forums before.

  • Happens to me when switching views, try to change views but the agents never change.  I have to refresh my browser, or hit the refresh button in Kaseya itself.

  • We have had this ever since upgrading to 9.4. Some days the VSA is barely usable. Opened a ticket for it in August 2017 and have provided diagnostic console output from browsers when this occurs. Ticket has not progressed for 6 months now. If anybody want to link to it so support have a reference it is #200240.

  • Count me in on this issue. Refresh of IE or Chrome needs te be done frequently.

    For us it's about 1 in 3 times you change a view or filter on machine name.

    Extremely unpleasant and equally annoying.

  • Its a virtual server setup in our environment, company LAN, so private IP address.

    Server: Server 2012 R2 64 bit

                AMD Opteron Processor 6376 - 2.30GHz - 4 processors

    "Personally my setup is internal private ip address, virtualized server, client on same lan and I use IE 11." This is the exact same for our company, the only difference is we support about 1100 machines over 5 different locations physically 50 miles within each other.

    At first, the lock up would happen about 1-2 a day.  Now anymore, it's become a practice to refresh the browser every time I need content populated on the management console.  For example, I was setting up a Windows profile and attaching machines to it.  So I added all of our workstations.  Next I wanted to go through and remove our servers.  So when I switch to 1 of our 4 server groups, nothing is populated.  And if someone is rushing and not thinking, they might just say, "oh well there are no machines apart of this profile in this group."  but like I said, it's becoming normal behavior to refresh the browser after every single search or filter.

  • The refresh Kaseya button won't work for me, so I have to always use the browser's refresh.

  • Same for us too, constantly refreshing to get the correct view.

  • we did the upgrade from 9.4 to 9.5 this weekend. the process took about 2 hours.. DB scheme did not run so we had to run it manually... VSA went down early on Monday and came back up.. We are seeing ASP.NET errors being created in the Windows EVENT Viewer every minute.. Support can figure out the cause at this time.. The tech told me that there was some sort of internal ticket about this issue but no one is sharing the details right now.. my worry stems from the windows event viewer causing disk space issues.

  • - presumably the same repeated ASP.NET error we're seeing. I logged it several months ago and support came back after a few weeks and told us it was some legacy code that was no longer used and wasn't going to be fixed, so I'd be interested if they tell you something different :)