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Mouse issues emoting with KLC

  • I have a tech with mouse issues when he remotes in using his laptop, other machines he uses to remote into client machines  are fine.  When he uses his laptop sometimes when he connect to PC's, most times when he left click with my mouse it right clicks on the users screen.  If he closes and reopens the session it will sometimes correct.  The mouse works 100% on the local machin, just on the remote machine it has issues.  Has anyone seen this kind of behavior.

    Thank you all.....

  • I've seen a number of  mouse action issues, with the VSA upgrade to 9.5  sometimes restoring/maximizing the window size will resolve them, and sometimes dragging the window to a primary (instead of secondary) monitor seems to resolve it.

    It's definitely only happening with KLC and it started for us with the 9.5 upgrade.  I'm hoping the patch just released resolves this.

  • Could you please report this to Support? We'll look into this. Thanks!

  • Eventually I planned to.  I'm waiting to work through the 5 or 6 open requests we already have first... :)