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Kaseya Live Connect - How to See Who Connected to Whose Device?

  • Hello,

    We have had an issue of users abusing the liveconnect and snooping onto other users devices for no other reason than to be nosey.  We have locked down the use of liveconnect but now we would like to find out who used liveconnect on certain users computers and we cannot find the solution to that.  The Agent logs only show remote activity for the current day, we were able to find the remote log files in C:\programdata\kaseya\log\endpoint but it doesn't list any information that would show us who it was that initiated the liveconnect remote session on the device, it only shows that it happened and on what day/time it took place.

    Long story short - Is there anywhere we can see who has used liveconnect on a certain users device?  There are only a couple specific devices we are concerned about since they belong to some executives.


  • Assuming you are running at least 9.4  This should be on the Agent tab, under Agent Logs, select the machine and then go to Technician Logs->LiveConnect