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SSL Certificates using Let's Encrypt

  • Has anyone looked at using Lets's Encrypt free SSL certificates with Kaseya. I am interested in a solution for SSL certificates that is automated and low cost.


  • We do.  However managing SSL certs with Kaseya is not fun.  These are my steps:

    1:  on gateway, enable port 80 forwarding to kaseya server (We normally only allow 443 traffic).

    2:  run lets encrypt shortcut on desktop and update cert

    When it asks for webroot: c:\kaseya\webpages

    3:  run c:\kaseya\services\kaf-tool.exe and click update

    4:  run regedit and empty HKLM\Software\Kaseya\KAFCertPass

    5:  Restart Kaseya edge services service