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Automatically Changing of IP Address

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Is there someone expirience changing of  IP address after a  couple of Minutes/ Hours the IP address has been change but the agent name is still the same. There are instances  when I search the Ip address on agent module the agent is not existed but when I use the other ip from the change that I notice the agent is existing . 

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  • Presuming you are referring to the Machine ID of the computer being the same.

    The machine ID is set when the agent is first installed and will not dynamically update.

  • what computer os is it?

  • Windows server 2012R12

  • Agent name/ Machine ID is the  same but the ip is changing

  • You might want to check your "Naming Policy" settings under the System "tab" in Kaseya VSA

    Naming Policy

    System > System Preferences > Naming Policy

    The Naming Policy page defines the IP address criteria used to automatically re-assign machines to a different machine group. Each machine group can be assigned multiple naming policies.

    Naming policies can also force the renaming of a machine ID, if the machine ID name doesn't match the computer name, reducing confusion when administering managed machines.

    reference: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

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  • The machine ID can be reset/updated when it changes - System / System Preferences / Naming Policy:

    PITA, though, as it's set one machine group at a time. When set and unaware, this can cause some correct but unexpected behavior.

    I'd be closely checking the server - does it have multiple IPs?

    Are the IPs "random" or do they cycle among a small number?  Are they all in the same subnet(s)?