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How can I get Java to be automatically updated on all our pc's?

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Right now, we can easily push out java updates on all our companies computers, however we are trying to find a solution whereby, Kaseya automatically knows that a new java version has came out, and will automatically update all our companies computers, without us touching anything.

If that is not possible, then  we would like at least kaseya to inform as when a new version of java comes out so we can automatically update it.

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    try this.

  • We use Ninite Pro for this, with weekly schedules for workstations and monthly for servers. We developed a wrapper app for this to simplify the Ninite configuration with text files. The procedures are simply scheduled.

    Kaseya Software Management will also do this, but we backed off of S-M right now due to a couple of issues that impact our other automation processes. Hope to return to S-M at a later time when these are worked out.


  • The suggestions provided are on the spot.  Software Management does this very well, I use it personally for my endpoints.  

    Let us know if you have any questions.