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404 Live Connect Error

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have started to get an error when trying to use live connect.  It says the request filed with status cosde:  404.  When this occurs I am unable to remote into that workstation.

    I have no issues with any other devices on that network and running a script that Kaseya support provided has alleviated this problem on other workstations.  Does anyone have any idea how to correct this?  I don't want to have to run a script against hte database every week to stop this from happening.


  • We have had a very similar issue that we reported to support 8 MONTHS ago.  We were also given a script which is very much a workaround.  Now the script runs automatically nightly, but does not help a tech who can't live connect at the time.

    According to support, our issue is "caused by an exceptional scenario, where a table on your DB doesn't get updated with new agents are added to VSA."

    Our ticket is #193178 if you would like to reference it.

  • We have the same issue

    We ran a SQL script built into the Ksubscribers database called dbo.initializescopedenormalization that fixes this

    It supposedly runs once a day automatically with the latest 9.4 patch but its worthless. We have techs building and deploying PC's here all day long, we cant wait 24 hours to be able to manage them

    I have PC techs come to me or email me throughout the day asking me to run that script

    I was told this was to be permanently resolved in 9.5 which is out now, but I havent seen any confirmation of that and Im hesitant to just move to 9.5 since we had a bunch of issues when moving to 9.4

  • This is hugely frustrating for us, we also can't move to 9.5 yet due to another bug they haven't resolved that would affect us and this 404 stuff has been plaguing us daily. Extremely frustrating that NOTHING has been done for 9.4 VSA users.

  • We had a similar problem, along with a failure of the live-connect agent to display a list of all available agents when the last tab was closed, and problems with some views.

    The root cause of all of these problems was a single bad machine record which had an invalid timezone offset value.  Support can provide a query that can be run on your SQL server to locate the bad record and correct it.