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Failing to create ptchscn2.xml

  • Anyone experience this?

    Here's a log file from the patch scan procedure :

    FAILED in processing THEN step 7, Get File, with error File Open Failed, Getting status of C:\kworking\ptchscn2.xml

    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 7

    FAILED in THEN step 8, execute script WUA Patch Scan 2(ID = 238) 

    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 8

    FAILED in THEN step 2, execute script WUA Patch Scan 1(ID = 237) 

    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 2

    FAILED in THEN step 11, execute script Execute Patch Scan(ID = 954) 

    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 11

    FAILED in THEN step 1, execute script Patch Scan(ID = 269) 

    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 1

    The machine seems to be having issues running a patch scan. Windows Update is fine as i can search and install patches from the machine.

    EDIT (25032018)
    Just in case anyone here is having the same issue, here's my solution to the problem. In our case, these errors are mostly being generated by a Windows 10 machine. The solution is to re-install the agent. If that did not work, then you need to upgrade the machine to the latest Windows 10 version (atm its 1709). After that is to install any additional patches it may have. Once it has been fully patched, re-run patch scan and it should now be OK.

    Added solution
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  • I have the exact same issue.

    I have a ticket with Kaseya about this. A fix is SUPPOSED to come out in the next patch, however i have not gotten a solid ETA yet.

  • A couple things to try...

    stop the BITS and Windows Update services

    rename the c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution to .old

    start the BITS and Windows update services

    run the windows update troubleshooter


    If all else fails...



  • Hi

    Please open a Kaseya Support ticket and reference ticket #207432. Our support team can make sure to confirm if its the same issue, and if so via the ticket you will be notified of any updates.