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Can I leverage Kaseya to run procedures / batch files in "Elevated" permissions mode?

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I have two jobs I really need to run against my 1600+ agents. They are currently setup as batch files

I then created agent procedures that executes those batch files like we usually do. Everything runs fine on our Windows 7 machines. However I noticed on the windows 10 agents it was not ever running (even though as far as Kaseya was concerned the job completed successfully, presumably because technically the batch file DID launch)

When I did testing locally on our Windows 10 PC's I noticed even manually kicking off the batch files they would fail, the only way to make them work was to right-click on the batch file and chose "Run as Administrator"

How do i make Kaseya essentially do that for me? These have to be 100% automated and silent, any ideas?

I tried changing the procedures to execute a shell command and run as system but that still didnt work


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  • Not sure how to do this in AP, but you could try modifying the batch file compatibility settings so it runs as an administrator, which might fix your problem.

    You can do this by right-clicking on the file, selecting Properties, selecting Compatibility, and checking the box under Settings that says "Run this program as an administrator."  Then it will run as admin normally even without having to manually right-click and select it.  

  • We often get around this by using the task scheduler.. you can define a task with credentials but without a schedule, and then execute the task on demand. I use that feature a lot. Might help in this case. I think there's also a "soon" option that runs it at the top of the next minute - not sure if that's available in W-10 though..