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Installation with 2 EXE files

  • I've got a bit of an odd installation I'm trying to create for deployment.  Essentially it's a deployment of OneDrive for the company I work for but the install is built around two separate exe's that have to be run in sequence.  1.exe moves some files around on the end user's computer to the new local OneDrive folder so that'll have a time limitation on it as depending on how much a user has stored in their computer it could 5 minutes or hours.  Once that's complete 2.exe has to run to do the user setup of OneDrive, prompting them to log in.

    I'm looking for a way to set this up so we can deploy this easily for our company that has a mix of in office, local mobile and remote users.  Ideally it'd be a single procedure that could be kicked off and I could run it site by site to make sure I get everyone.

  • That would depend on how the first exe is set to run.  You can copy the exe files down the user's machine and then you could always try the executeFile command and select the option to "execute as system and wait" and then run your 2nd exe after that. You may want to even throw a pause procedure in for a couple minutes to give the exe's a little seperation.

  • Thanks, I'm also debating in this particular case to run it as 2 separate procedures.  The first one week and then the second a couple of weeks later for a staggered deployment.

    Now the fun part is finding a way to get it to run for each user when they log in to a computer.  Warehouse environment with multiple users logging in to the same computer so I'll need the procedures to run on login for each user.