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Report that shows all devices with first checkin time within the last 7 days?

  • We're trying to monitor new agent check ins better in our network. I've been able to manually create a view that statically assigns a first check in date from 7 days ago until now, but have been unable to automate it.

    Does anyone have a report created that will only show new agent checkins?

  • You can do this with a report.  You most likley would need to create a table under report parts first under "Info Center > Configure and Design > Report Parts and select the Agent Configuration report part. from there you could put in all the info you want on the report.  On the filtering section on the report you use the Date Filter to filter by the First Checkin column and set Time Range to "Last N Days" and set the number of days to 7.

  • Thank you Corey! This worked perfectly.