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Agent View filter import

  • I have a list of 40 agents I need to run a procedure on.  Is there a way to create a view via importing a list of DNS names or IP address or anything else so I can just select all and run the procedure versus individually selecting the agents that need the procedure run?

    We use a security solution that tells us which machines have issues and sometimes (frequently) I need to remidiate the issue via procedure and it would be really nice to just dump my list into kaseya to create a new view.

  • In Kaseya views you can include Custom Fields from the kaseya Audit menu ( see the "Advanced agent data filter" Section at the bottom of the view definition page)

    So is it possible for your "security solution" to update and populate the custom field of the machines affected.

    Then you can build a Kaseya View that only displays machines where the custom field has a specific value set


  • interesting approach.  Ill have to check on adding a custom field.  The security solution is tenable/nessus.