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Make agent icon always visible in system tray

  • With windows now automatically hiding icons in the system tray area, we want to make sure our agent icon is always visible (because support directs people to click it at times, or hover over it to get the machine name). It's really hard to explain to non-tech users how to "see" the agent icon when it's been hidden by windows.

    So, how do we set machines to not auto-hide the agent icon?

    note: We don't want to turn on "always show all icons" (There's a registry key for that) - we want to just specifically set the agent icon to always show (whilst allowing auto-hide to work normally for anything else).

    The setting looks to be under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify - perhaps the "PromotedIconCache" entry - but how to get which GUID represents which icon?

    https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/asklar/2012/03/06/system-tray-notification-area-icons/ seems to confirm this is how it works - but not how to tell which GUID belongs to which icon, or how the GUID is created and stored? Is the GUID created by Kaseya? Is it hard coded or dynamically generated by Windows or Kaseya?

    Anyone done any further work on this?

  • At blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/.../20120228-00 it suggests that Kaseya is responsible for creating the GUID - so, Kaseya, do you hard-code your GUID? If so, what is it? - I assume we then just append it to the reg key I mentioned above?

  • Hi Craig, Microsoft deliberately made this difficult to prevent developers from always showing their apps - it's supposed to be up to the user to pick what they want. It's possible to do but gets messy very quickly and you'll need code to handle it. There's a good write-up here - tmintner.wordpress.com/.../windows-7-notification-area-automation-falling-back-down-the-binary-registry-rabbit-hole

    I've seen other approaches that simulate a balloon pop-up from the icon on a regular basis to keep it always visible but clearly this is also a kludgy approach.

  • There's a registry setting you can set and it makes it visible on Servers even if you have RDP' to them

    I'll see if I can find it and post the key for you

  • See :


  • We use Thomas Jäger's Windows Tray / Notification Manager tool to unhide the Agent icon.


    We simply use a scheduled procedure to execute the tool from the user's context:

    TrayManager.exe -p "KaUsrTsk.exe" 2

    I can and will not fault the application in any way, although we have found that the command will not always work, probably due to the agent updating the icon. To counteract we run the command several times with a couple of seconds pause in between.