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Creating Alerts under Agent Monitoring

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    I have a need to create separate alerts under Agent monitoring for all my servers. I would like to create an immediate initial notification upon the server going down. Then I would like to create subsequent notification with different text in the email as well as sending to different distribution lists. Does anyone know if this is possible?



  • The 1st Alert is easy as you just do this via an Agent Status Alert

    And setting the rearm interval will mean how often you get a subsequent Alarm telling you if the machine is still offline

    The trouble with the 2nd , 3rd alarm based on the re-arm period is they will all have the same text in each

    So the option you have is to Send Email , Create Alert , Create ticket and Run a Script

    What I'd do is set the Agent Status re-arm to something like 24 hrs

    I'd then configure the Alert to

    1) Send the initial email with the initial text based on what you have in the "Format Email" menu

    2) Is I would also create and run an agent procedure on the VSA that is scheduled to run every e.g 15 mins , and by using a SQL query in the procedure you can check the Agents Status from the [ksubscribers].[dbo].[agentState] table which will return a 0 or 1 for the [online] value

    If it returns a 0 we know it is still offline , so in the agent procedure we can then send an email with any text you like to who every you want.

    Next reschedule the script to run again in 15 mins time and check again ..and again .. and again .. and by some clever script design with each subsequent running of the script adjust the text and recipients

    A 2nd way is to create a Service Desk ticket for the offline , and then you can create escalation procedures to also send emails with different text and recipients as each escalation level is reached.

    These levels are in time intervals , and the SD keeps a track of how many levels have been reached which is what you'd use to determine the different text etc


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