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Policy folder has disappeared in the policies tree after moving.

  • While moving a policy folder containing several global policies it has now disappeared !

    from the logs section it states it was "moved" into a policy which is actually a single policy not a folder ! this seems like a possible bug ? The policies still exist as i can see them live when looking at machines in the assignment menu ?

    Before anyone asks i have checked every other folder in case it had been dropped in there by accident. (Ive also logged this issue as a ticket)

    has anyone had a similar issue and can i somehow retrieve it back ?

    running VSA 9.5 on premise

  • This thread - community.kaseya.com/.../23880.aspx - might be helpful. I posted a SQL query on my blog that might be adapted to recover this, which is referenced in the above post.


  • Patch has a fix for this, seemingly:

    Corrected an issue where moving certain parent folders and items to child folders would cause it to disappear. Any missing objects will be restored in the Recovered Objects folder when applying this patch. (NINEFIVEPT-640/EXT-3729) (NINEFIVEPT-665/APPF-3563)

  • Ah, I can see it now.. move, disappear from here, appear there in the recovery folder. move back, oops! disappear, reappear in the recovery folder! :p

    I'll have to try this in dev - does it make the lost objects come back in a recovery folder or does it actually fix the issue and prevent them from going missing in the first place??