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Exempt agent from machine group naming policy

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Is it possible to exempt an agent from all machine group naming policies?

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  • The only way to do it is to make a sub machine group on the (primary) machine group that you are applying the Naming Policy on and move all the machines you do not want to rename to this sub group.

    You will still be able to see the machines that you moved in the sub machine group in the primary machine, but they won't get renamed as long as you don't apply the Naming Policy to the sub machine group.

    Just make sure that you do not duplicate the primary machine group's Connection and IP range in the sub machine group otherwise agents will jump between the primary and sub machine groups.

  • This doesn't work.  Maybe it used to, but I am trying to turn on monitoring for a select few of a clients servers, and can't while the naming policy is in place.  My idea was to make a subgroup called "Monitored" and put the servers I need monitored in there,  But when we move them, they are moved back to the parent group immediately because of the naming policy.  Driving me mad.  The only work around I have is to manually assign policies to the machine.  And you can only do that policy by policy - one at a time, cannot assign folders.