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Live Connect Cannot Connect to Server

  • I'm getting this randomly on different machine when trying to launch Live Connect. I can reinstall Live Connect and it'll work for a while longer then this will pop

    back up again. It's quite annoying.


  • Matt, have you created a ticket with Support yet? I would start with the viewer (your machine) logs: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../229009708-Live-Connect-Log-File-Locations. It could help us identify why it's not able to connect to the server.

  • I'll create a ticket and provide the logs you referenced. Thanks.

  • We get this a lot as well and have decided to keep using the old Live Connect for a while.

    Just to put a number on it, the old Live Connect feels like a 98- 99% working option, and the new Live Connect drops that to maybe 90-95%. We haven't taken the time to flesh this out.

    As far as I can remember and put together the Endpoint Fabric is used and that isn't exactly stable, at least for us. That also shows itself in KAV and KAM, we're doing a lot of resetting and removing Instance information (under ProgramData in the Kaseya subfolder). It's getting better, but it's not there yet in our experience...

  • I have to agree with on this one. The endpoint fabric is getting better but is just not there yet. Since moving to 9.3 and 9.4 we have to do an incredible amount of additional work to get things to work for us and all of this work revolves around resetting and removing instances for the endpoint fabric as he has mentioned. We have 1000s of KAV seats which is where we feel the most pain as this depends on the new endpoint fabric, but also have recurring issues with KLC/KRC and agent logs in the agent module. The new KAV module is definintely much better than the one used in 9.2, but it is badly let down by the reliability of the endpoint service/fabric.

  • Can only agree. The situation since patch 23 is better than before, but the Endpoint still has some problems and is not running well. We have a ticket open for more than a month. They say it was fixed with patch 23 but it's not.