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Getting error "Communication packet was corrupted"

  • Hello Friends,

    I am using kaseya VSA9.2 and managing 10,000 clients.

    From last couple of days I are facing issue of scripts taking so much time to execute,in some of the clients and all such agents are having "Communication packet was corrupted" agent log.

    So Can someone help in with the solution of this problem...


    Praveen Singh

  •  - You should definitely get a ticket opened with support.  We just spent the last few months filtering through all of our monitor sets, identifying monitors that were still reporting despite not being entitled to the systems, and eliminating millions of transactions due to the core settings.  You may want to take a quick look to see if that is what might be causing some dropped connections.

    select top 1000

    d.name as 'MonitorSet', c.name as 'Counter', count(a.agentguid) as 'Count'

    from monitorcounterlog20170502 a with(nolock) -- UPDATE THE TABLE NAME WITH THE CORRECT DATE YOU WISH TO REVIEW

    inner join machnametab b with(nolock) on a.agentguid = b.agentGuid

    left join monitorcounter c with(nolock) on c.monitorCounterId = a.monitorcounterid

    left join monitorset d with(nolock) on d.monitorSetId = c.monitorSetId

    group by d.name, c.name

    order by count(a.agentguid) desc