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Slow to connect to Kaseya agent, what ports are needed?

  • Hi

    It is extremely slow to connect to Kaseya agents at client offices and people in the field, so we have reverted to team viewer.

    Latency is between 1000ms-3000ms.

    When i originally signed up with Kaseya , I was told we need this port open 5721. But after lodging a ticket, they now tell me I also need 3478.

    Are there other ports I am yet to discover? Is there a full list of ports needed somewhere?

    The Kaseya agent also takes 3-5 mins to download. I lodged a ticket for this and they had a fix for about a week, but it's reverted back. Have reverted to team viewer for support.

  • Hi - we're not seeing such extreme Latency times at all.

    Normal is anywhere from 20 to 100 (maybe 150) ms and that's no problem to work with.

    Now, we're on 9.3 (update 30), didn't go for update 31 yet.

    You may be on 9.4 here which is an altogether different beast, although in testing I haven't seen these slow connection times at all. I wasn't familiar with port 3478 and we don't have that open as far as I know. I found this discussion about it:

    community.kaseya.com/.../5288.aspx - but was never made aware of this KRC port usage. 

    I guess it defaults to the standard 5721 port, connection is first made over that port, before the agent negotiates another communication channel... (not sure). A full agent download shouldn't take that long, although here in Holland we're used to good Internet speeds. Old 1 MBit ADSL lines are the worst we have to deal with, just two customers out of our current 350 have less bandwith.

  • Maybe our connections are via USA or something. Might explain the long download time for an agent and also he latency in remote controlling users.

    Ive run a few tests and remote controlled someone on the LAN to make sure we were seeing P2P connections and i was. Latency was around 7-10ms. Anyone outside of our office which has a 1GB link is super slow. None of the techs will use Kaseya now. Lodged a ticket with Kaseya, they have no answer.

    If I try other locations and download live connect and run it from there, its also the same.

    The fastes speed we have had remote controlling someone is about 600ms and we are talking about someone about 1KM away on the WAN.