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Live connect on demand

  • Jeffrey, when you say add the cdn to my live connect url, how do you mean?

    This is my url to logon to Kaseya


    And this is the url that LCoD gives me.


    What do i need to change it to?

  • Ok, that Live connect now works from the start menu. It took about 4 times to get it going. Didnt ask for any creds, just worked after 4 attempts.

  • Just an update for those interested -- this issue has been reported to engineering. Please submit your tickets with reference #171649 so we can link them. We need more feedback in order to prioritize this in development.

    To look at the version of your VSA server, you will need to log out of the VSA. You will see it on the bottom right then. Live Connect itself is a standalone app which contains LCoD when you connect to the VSA. If this is your first time working with Live Connect, refer to our help guide: help.kaseya.com/.../9040000. This should answer all your questions. Let me know if it doesn't. Note that this is valid for both on-premise and cloud.

  • Ok, thanks Jeffrey, I can see the version number now. Got it.

  • I do see the patch version ( for preview7?) at the bottom of the righthand corner.

    That['s on the login page, so not after login, but before you login....

  • If that's the case then there's an issue server side and a bandwidth issue. I've never had it take longer then 2 minutes and that's on a T1 semi loaded down.