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agents not auto updating on server 2003 after update

  • After the update i have noticed that server 2003 agents are not auto updating now.

    yes i know they are old but...

  • Same here. Any luck with this?

  • I can agree auto updating did not seem to work for me, but manual updating worked fine in case that helps you.

  • See this post: community.kaseya.com/.../104733.aspx

  • , that works for me as well, but I just wanted to voice my "+1" for this as well. I am on the most current 9.3 release.

    I read the thread, thanks! I have submitted a ticket earlier today as well to see what kaseya has to say about their stance of 2003 (I hate supporting clients that willingly ignore our recommendations about obsolete software/OS/hardware, so I understand their pain...)

    forgot a few words
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