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How to upload .exe and .msi files

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to figure out how to upload .exe and .msi files into Kaseya.  My supervisor and I are testing out Kaseya to see if it will be a good fit for our business to replace N-Central, which is our main software at the moment.  We're still learning the ins and outs but I had a question about being able to upload .exe and .msi files.  When I try to, I get an error telling me that I need to allow them to be uploaded under System > Server Management > Default Settings.  However, when I go into this menu, I don't see an option anywhere to allow these files.  Is there another way to do this or am I possibly missing something?

  • Hello @Positronic,

    Under System > Server Management > Default Settings > (Tab) Attachment Upload Whitelist you can enable the upload of EXE and MSI but it is a system white setting.

    Where do you try to upload the EXE/MSI files?

    Another question; why do you want to switch to Kaseya instead of N-Central? Interest to know ;)

  • you have to allow the .exe files as an acceptable file extension in the VSA.

  • Under my Default tab, these are the only options that are available for me to select from:

    I tried looking elsewhere for other settings but wasn't able to find anything.  As far as why we're switching, that's really a call on my supervisor's part.  I've only been with the company for about a month now and he was invited to try this software, so the two of us are going through it and seeing what other features it offers in addition to N-Central, and what features it may lack.  So far it seems to fit the needs we have pretty well.  I think one of the main reasons he was considering switching is because we have on-site backup for some of our customers but it's through a third party.  With Kaseya, as I understand it at least, we'll be able to back up using it to our own equipment here without having to have another party involved.  Aside from that, at lot of the features seems similar, but I'm also new to N-Central as well, so I'm kind of learning both.  I'm much more familiar with the LabTech RMM than either N-Central or Kaseya at the moment.

  • Hi  

    Are you using a trial instance in the cloud (Kaseya is hosting the software for you) or are you running a hosted on-premise instance (hosted on your premises)?

  • Yes, currently we're on a trail for Kaseya at the moment before any final decisions are made.  Could this potentially be the issue as to why that option may not be showing up where it's supposed to be?


    It should allow you to do it now. Give it a try.

  • Nicolas,

    I checked again, but I still have the same 15 options under that tab as before.  Could it possibly be somewhere else?


    Apologies, I should have explained it a bit more in details.

    On SaaS/Hosted environments the attachment upload whitelist tab is not available, as we control what files can be uploaded.

    SAAS Example:

    However, on the trial server you are currently on, we just allow the upload of .exe files.