As far as I am aware at this point in time, here is a list of the files that the Kaseya Agent uses on the client to make connections. Many people have asked for such as list of making up allow lists on personal firewalls or Anti-virus programs etc.

In c:\temp:

Curl-nossl.exe (for download via HTTP)

KRlyCLis.exe (For remote control connections)

KRlyCCon.exe (For FTP connections)

KPrtPng.exe (For LANWatch and monitoring)

Psexec.exe (For remote installation of Agents via LANWatch)

KOCheck.exe (For BUDR Offsite replication)

KORepCln.exe (For BUDR Offsite replication)

In c:\program files\kaseya\agent:

Agentmon.exe (Main Kaseya agent traffic)

KaUpdHlp.exe (Update helper for updating agent and local kaseya files)

KaUsrTsk.exe (For executing kaseya scripts as a user, and spawning new processes)

In windows:

\windows\system32\drivers\kaseyaha.sys and kapfa.sys

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