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Kaseya agent v9.3.0.14 update issue

  • Hi all

    i just noticed that Kaseya agent v update take long time than previous version updates

    when having further look, notices that agent update doesnt you Lan Cache feature. so it trends to eat our clients whole BW.

    has anyone noticed that?

  • Yes. I think this is what is screwing up around 1000 KAV upgrades, installs and migrations for us as well. Literally just hanging around forever before starting.

  • Odd. I've found the agent upgrades *do* use the LAN cache but if any more than one or two machines at a time try upgrading they fail to pull the files from LAN cache correctly, and the upgrade procedure then fails. Kicking off one machine at a time seems to work ok, but then it's the same outcome as you raise - it's very slow when you have thousands of endpoints to upgrade.

  • Can I ask why you are updating to .14? When you move to v9.4 you want at least v9.3.0.21 for backwards compat for agents... and we are up to v9.3.0.28 now. Lots has changed over that period of time, and want to understand the reasons behind that roll out.

  • Ignore my last. I didn't notice the agent vs server version. My bad. Sorry about that.