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Cloud Backup in VSA 9.4

  • Can anyone share little details about this. I am curious and looking to implement a good offsite module. Want see feasibility of Cloud Backup in VSA 9.4;

    And does it use Acronis embedded or ??

    TIA for all you suggestions.


    Cloud backup is using Acronis Backup Cloud Agent, I believe it is also available on 9.3 since its release a month or two ago.


    If you are on 9.3 currently and want to try this functionality, reach out to your customer success advocate or success.team@kaseya.com.

  • Just finished upgrading my VSA to but don't see the Cloud Backup module. Do I have to ask my account rep for it and how about licensing?

    Does existing acronis license serve for cloud backup licenses.

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    Yes, your Customer Success Advocate will need to provision the license for you to allow you to install Cloud Backup. It would show as another module from the kinstall.exe program once enabled.

    This is separate licensing, as far as I understand, but I am not an expert on the licensing and/or pricing of this product - I would recommend reaching out to your Customer Success Advocate or emailing success.team@kaseya.com if you are unsure who that is.