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agents on server 2016 not auto updating

  • Notice today after upgrading to yesterday that my server 2016 servers were not updated to latest agent version.

    Was able to manually do it but was wondering if anyone else has seen this.

  • Yep, i missed this post, but I reported this to the helpdesk.

    Ticket #169121 has been open a week and it's not yet confirmed or denied as an issue....

  • I upgraded us from 9.2 to 9.4 over the weekend and 2016 servers still refused to take the agent-upgrade process in any way, shape, or form. Support's response was, basically, "yeah you have to do it manually."

    Luckily you can use KRC, download the default installer, and run this in an (elevated) command prompt: c:\path\to\KcsSetup.exe /r /s

    You'll lose the KRC session but the agent will update and check back in okay, and you'll be "on" 2016.

  • To update the agent manually - all you need to do is go to agents, manage agents - check the pc you want.  Click the manage pull down menu and choose update agent.

  • Alternatively, you can run RDP directly from the VSA (under the Remote Control module) which will create an independent connection that will not drop if you stop the agent service.

  • We have verified the issue with auto updating 2016 servers and are working on a fix for it.

  • No offence Peter, but how can this have got through testing to release without this being spotted?

  • On my ticket I was told the latest patch should have a fix for this issue.

    Wasn't able to find a corresponding text in the Release Notes on this one, so wondering about this... Maybe someone already patched this and has W2K16 servers?

  • I have updated to and I am not seeing an "agent update scheduled for" for my 2 2016 servers.

  • installed the latest and 2016 servers have updated!

  • That's good to know, any side effects you noticed ?

    I've read some comments on the patch with the Kaspersky module that were troubling. We'll run this update since the option to do a normal install on W2K16 servers is needed for us.

  • no side effects noticed - not running av modules though

  • found this yesterday - xp are still auto updating

    After the update I have noticed that server 2003 agents are not auto updating now