Kaseya Agent producing low level network I/O actively send >300Bytes/sec, Rec
KPrtPng produces this traffic and causes the vsmon process to soak up about 10% of CPU (on slower machines)and can cause some CPU load on the firewall/router.
Vsmon continues to grow in size and use more memory may also see arp.exe being executed.
This continues even when the Kaseya agent is stopped, leaving KPrtPng running.

LAN Watch has been scheduled to run on this machine. KPrtPng.exe and arp.exe are used to scan the LAN.

Confirm LAN Watch is scheduled by looking on the LAN Watch page to see which machines are scheduled and for what time. Also the pending scripts for that Agent by clicking on the Agent Status icon (the green ok), and scrolling to the bottom of the window. If pending scripts does not appear, click the 'Layout' button and add it to the machine summary view.

If LANWatch is running on a machine connected to the internet, or on a dial-up connection, LANWatch responses can take some time, causingconnectionsto be held open resulting in hightraffic.
Do not run LANWatch on machines connected directly to the internet, i.e. machines that have an public IP address. LANWatch is designed to run on internal LAN’s. (Hence called LAN Watch)

Also try to schedule LANWatch for periods when the machine is not being used so that the load will not be noticed.

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